Horse Racing Arcade

"Everybody knows; you can't beat the house, so we fight each other!"


Horse Racing Arcade is a free horse racing simulation game. You enter into the crowd of virtual horse racing where those who are experts on real horse racing game can't survive. Instead of betting on strong horses, you are here to bet against other people. You try to fight against other people to win from the casino pool.


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☆ Features ☆
✓ Race again friends in 3d slot machine style monitor.
✓ Race with six horses in each track. Up to 9 track to unlock.
✓ All races result will be done in less than 2 minutes per game track.
✓ Picks 2 horses to bet in an easy betting monitor. If your horses finish first you win!
✓ Win many custom graphics horses themes and track
✓ Custom your avatar with many costume graphics


This arcade game machine actually exists. But the graphic and game play is different though. Horse racing arcade is the best memory I ever have with my friends. Everybody knows; you can't beat the house, so we fight each other to make money. We bet against friends by manipulating the bet amount. It's kind of tricky but with some luck, it works. Sweet memory and many laughs on those days. It's a funny experience.

Who going to finish with the cup? Let's race...